GP3 Loughborough - 23 June 2018 - Details

Event closing date
Saturday 9h June at 5pm or earlier if the meeting is full.

Start Time
The meeting will start at 5pm.

Entry Fees
Please note that for 2018 the entry fees are:-
Stadium entry - £5.00
Note: 'BMC Coaches will gain free entry to the stadium on production of their membership card and coach license.
Race entry for BMC members - £3
Race entry for non-members - £15.00

British Milers Club members
BMC members that appear on the start lists with ** next to their name are in arrears with their membership subs. Please bring your cheque book. Further clarification can be obtained from Pat Fitzgerald.

No longer running?
As we expect all the Grand Prix meetings are going to be over-subscribed, it means we will have to turn athletes away. If you have already entered and can no longer compete please can you inform the person that your entry went to. This will not only allow another athlete to compete but can also mean that several athletes could be moved up a race (from C to B, D to C, E to D, etc. We consider this a matter of courtsey, both to the organisers and to your fellow athletes.

Start Lists
To withdraw, queries, etc to George GandyE-mail.
Athletes marked with "**" next to their name may be behind in there subs. Please see Pat Fitzgerald at the venue BEFORE collecting your number.

Pace Makers
Any athletes that are able to help pace any of the races should contact George Gandy by E-mail

Many thanks to all those people that have offered to pace make at the meeting.

Leading entries
As always we will try to notify of the leading entries to date which are:-
Men Women
800m 9/10 races
Nick Willis (NZ) - Double Olympic Medalist
Max Burgin - 1:47 this year
John Bird - 1:47 last year
Dage Minors (BER) - 1:47 this year
Sean Molloy - 1:47 last year
John Fitzsimons (IRE) - 1:48 last year
Robert Needham - 1:48 last year
Canaan Solomon - 1:48 this year
Jacob Brown - 1:49 this year
Max Wharton - 1:49 this year
Jamie Williamson - 1:49 this year
4 races
Leah Barrow - 2:03 this year
Ciara Everard (IRE) - 2:05 this year
Anna Silvander (SWE) - 2:05 this year
Georgie Hartigan - 2:07 this year
Rachel McClay - 2:07 this year
Kelsey Stewart - 2:07 this year
Jo Keane (IRE) - 2:08 this year
1500m 7 races
John Travers (IRE) - PB of 3:37
Kieran Kelly (RE) 3:42 this year
Harvey Dixon - 3:43 this year
Josh Carr - 3:40 last year
Andrew Heyes - 3:41 last year
Guy Smith - 3:44 last year
5 races
Jessica Judd - 4:08 this year
Emily Hosker Thornhill - 4:16 this year
Sophie Connor - 4:17 this year
Amelia Quirk - 4:17 this year
Francesca Brint - 4:18 this year
Claire Tarplee - 4:16 last year
Jenna Hill - 4:19 last year
Faye Fullerton - PB of 4:10
5000m 3/4 Races - 74 entries
Per Svela (NOR) - 13:41 this year
Luke Caldwell - 13:59 last year
Abel Tsegay - 14:05 this year
Simen Halle Haugen (NOR) - 14:05 this year
Ben Bradley - 14:06 last year
Jack Morris - 14:06 this year
Alex Dunbar - 14:10 last year
Ross Skelton - 14:11 last year
Peter Huck - 14:13 last year
Ollie Lockley - 14:14 last year
Tom Mortimer - 14:17 this year
Kadar Omar Abdullahi - 14:18 this year
Liam Harris (IRE) - 14:18 this year
1 Races - 17 entrants
Emma Mitchell - 15:50 last year
Phoebe Law - 16:09 last year
Philippa Bowden - 16:18 this year

Most convenient accommodation possibilities at:
The Link Hotel, Ashby Road, Loughborough (1200m from MI Junction 23, 600m from University, and 1600m from the east end of Campus and the Athletics Stadium)
Forest Rise Hotel, Forest Road, Loughborough (half way between the south-east corner of the University and the Centre of town, and 1200m from the Athletics Stadium.
Cheaper, lower-cost accommodation may be available on the University Campus (and an easy walk from the Athletics Stadium at Whitworth Hall or the University Lodge (contact University Accommodation Office via main switchboard number: 01509-263171)


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