BMC Eltham - 15 August - Sydney Wooderson 800m & Womens 800m Details

The British Milers’ Club is once again looking for male runners who are up for the challenge of beating 1:48.4 minutes for 800m, and female runners who think they get under 2:02 minutes. It will be the ninth staging of the Sydney Wooderson 800m Memorial Race which aims to celebrate the once famous middle-distance runner.

Any man who can win and break Sydney’s 1938 800m world record of 1:48.4 will receive £400 and any woman who can win and break 2:02 minutes will also take home £400.

Male and female athletes can now submit their request to enter both races online via the BMC website.

These two high quality races act as the highlight to a meeting that also features 800m, 1500m and 5000 metre races. The meeting and the Wooderson races are a joint effort between Cambridge Harriers, the BMC and Blackheath Harriers.

The full prize money on offer for men’s and women’s races is:
1st place - £150
2nd place - £100
3rd place - £50

Bonus – £250
Men to beat – 1:48.4
Women to beat – 2:02.0

Previous winners:
2008 Chris Warburton 1:49.87
2009 Darren St Clair 1:47.23*
2010 Andrew Osagie 1:47.80
2011 Ben Wallis 1:48.6
2012 Charlie Grice 1:49.8
2013 Charlie Grice 1:47.93
2014 Chris Warburton 1:48.44
2015 Zak Curran 1:48.74
2016 Kyle Langford 1:48.94
2017 Sean Molloy 1:48.99

2010 Rose-Anne Galligan 2:02.97
2011 Karen Harewood 2:03.0
2012 Jessica Judd 2:01.3
2013 Shelayna Oska-Clarke 2:04.46
2014 Katie Kirk 2:03.32
2015 Katie Snowden 2:03.64
2016 Adelle Tracey 2:01.26
2017 Revee Walcott-Nolan 2:04.22

The race is open to male BMC and non-BMC members. To enter the race go to

Entry to races is subject to availability and numbers are limited. The start list is drawn up when entries close at 5pm on Sunday 12th August.

* Track record.

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