Message to members on BMC Fixtures - Updated 17th April

Update 17th April

Dear athletes, officials, coaches and parents...

Further to the previous message from the BMC I can confirm we are working closely with UKA and I represent the BMC on the National fixtures meetings. We are working together to hold meetings from June onwards taking into consideration the current government guidelines.

The proposed plan is to have a staged return to competition on a regional geographical basis, again based on government and UKA guidances. If this becomes achievable we hope to have regional and possibly gold standard meetings. The Grand Prix meetings will certainly go ahead in July onward and we have requested a GP meet in June. This again might depend on local councils etc and the availability of the track along with officials, first aid and electronic timing equipment etc...

I have written to UKA & England Athletics about the BMC proposed ideas and the willingness to engage with them to hold high quality competition as we have always done over the years.

There will be undoubtedly some adjustments to our high standards and the depletion of our fixtures.

We hope to have at least one Young Athletes Classic meeting if not two. Dates for these meetings will need to be confirmed. The location will be Milton Keynes and possibly Exeter or Millfield School our traditional venue.

Please check our website for any updates.

John Knowles
BMC Competition Administrator.


With a worsening situation all athletics meetings including ours are now off for May as well as April. We will hold on opening later fixtures till given the all clear by the governing bodies and when we know they are practical in terms of venues and officials.

We will also be ready to react if the season does start, so that we can plan round a truncated and late season. This will mean making the most of the scheduled fixtures and seeing what else we can put on. As part of this we would work with other competition providers to make the most of whatever athletics and championships can go ahead.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the BMC website for news and activities. We already have coaching calls and links to online group circuit session, more will follow.

Keep fit and well.

Dear BMC Athletes

We hope that all of you and your families are keeping well and that you are managing to keep training going despite the difficult situation.

The BMC’s aim is to try and keep some sort of competitive program going whilst ensuring the health and safety of athletes, spectators and officials. We know you will have trained hard through the winter and will have been looking forward to our races. Anything we manage to do must follow Government and governing body rules. We can only hope that the current situation improves and that at some point in the season conditions allow competition to resume.

We will have to cancel our first fixtures in April. For fixtures from May onward we will work on a rolling basis and will only be opening entries if we believe there is a good chance of a meeting going ahead. Please periodically check the BMC website and Facebook for the status of fixtures. We anticipate deciding if a meeting can go ahead a few weeks before it is due to take place. If we can get any meetings on, we will try and maximise the use of it to give as many members an opportunity as possible.

There is no shying away from the challenge we face in making any meeting happen. Government rules on gatherings will probably tighten, a UKA permit needs to be given with associated insurance, the venue needs to agree, and we need to have enough officials to run the meeting. Please rest assured we will do our best to make something happen.

Best wishes

Tim Brennan
BMC Chairman

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