BANNISTER VIRTUAL MILES. 4th-6th May, 2020 (Updated)

The British Milers’ Club is delighted to announce the launch of the Bannister Virtual Miles. Athletes will be able to enter some training based time trials towards the end of April for a unique celebration of the 66th anniversary of Sir Roger Bannister’s first four minute mile. To encourage participation there will be a three day window between Monday 4th and the actual anniversary day of Wednesday 6th May. BMC Chair Tim Brennan said, “Whilst respecting Government guidelines on social distancing and exercise restrictions, the club is responding in a creative way to the absence of competition for our athletes”. Event organisers Stephen Green and Matt Long added that, “We are looking for participants to make a voluntary contribution to a nominated charity helping people during the pandemic so that athletes can not only benchmark their training but play a role in enhancing the social good during a global crisis”.

Entry details
Entry details for the Mile can be found HERE


“Keep going, keep going, keep going until a little something inside you says, “Keep going". Those words were uttered by our late, great founder, Frank Horwill OBE and they resonate more loudly than ever during the global crisis which we face. Firstly, how we keep going is paramount. We have to respect government guidelines on exercise restrictions and social distancing so we are moving from the geographically situated to the virtually based. Secondly, why we keep going is important- we want to use our club as a productive force for the collective social good. On this note, Turn2Us is a national charity which provides pragmatic support to assist those who are struggling financially. They have launched a coronavirus appeal to help those affected during these difficult times.

The charity was founded by Elizabeth Finn during the Victorian era way back in 1897 to combat poverty in an industrial age. In a post-industrial world, the charity retains its relevance as it is estimated that more than 14 million people are living in poverty, including 3.5 million children. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, evidence is suggesting that it’s the poor who are suffering the disproportionate effects of lockdown.

Would you listen to Frank Horwill’s words and ‘keep going’ with the British Milers’ Club in raising money for the social good during a time of global crisis? Let’s exercise social responsibility in celebrating the legacy of Sir Roger Bannister’s first four-minute mile by entering the Bannister Virtual Mile time trials between May 4th-May 6th?

Entries open in late April and details of how to support our nominated charity (link below) will follow later this month….

Safety and COVID-19
• This is not a race. It is a TRAINING TIME TRIAL
• You should not drive or cycle to a venue to complete your time trial. The run should be within a reasonable distance from your home.
• Make sure the route you select does not endanger you, is free of obstacles and hazards, and is traffic and pedestrian free.
• Your time trial can be completed on an outdoor surface but should be as close to home as possible to comply with government guidance.
• Busy parks, pavements and other areas are not suitable locations to run
• Please consider competing your run at a time of the day when there will be less foot-traffic
• Always give primacy to pedestrians on route and follow government guidance keep a two-metre distance from any passers-by.
• If at any point during your time trial it feels unsafe in the context of proximity to passers-by you should terminate your time trial immediately.
• U13/U15s must be accompanied by a responsible adult
• Under 15 athletes may need parental guidance or the support of an appropriate adult in order to upload their result
• We reserve the right to cancel the event if the current COVID-19 situation/guidelines changes

• By entering this time trial, you are confirming you are in a fit and healthy state to complete the distance.
• I understand and agree that participate on this time trial voluntarily and at my own risk. The BMC will not be liable for any accidental damage, injury, illness of any nature whosoever and whatever caused by participation.

Race Guidelines

• The entry limit is 1609
• Entry is free of charge
• Times will be measured via strava/other running app and uploaded to opentrack
• The distance to be completed should no less than a mile or 1609m.
• Only one time can be entered – elapsed times (total since watch start) will be recorded
• Times must be entered between the 4th May 12.00am and the 7th of May at 12pm
• Your trial must not have a significant net elevation (it can’t be net downhill of more than 15m).
• Entries will open on the 23rd April and close on the 2nd of May whenever the limit is reached

• The time trials will be licenced by UKA and therefore covered by UKA Public Liability Insurance. • Age- groups are as per UKA road race categories for the 2019-20 season.

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