Virtual 1k - 22nd-25th May

British Milers Club 1k 22nd to 25th May
Virtual TT Guidelines /T&C's
Safety and COVID-19

• This is not a race. It is a TRAINING TIME TRIAL
• You should not drive or cycle to a venue to complete your time trial. The run should be within a reasonable distance from your home.
• Make sure the route you select does not endanger you, is free of obstacles and hazards, and is traffic and pedestrian free.
• Your time trial can be completed on an outdoor surface but should be as close to home as possible to comply with government guidance.
• Busy parks, pavements and other areas are not suitable locations to run
• Please consider competing your run at a time of the day when there will be less foot-traffic
• Always give primacy to pedestrians on route and follow government guidance keep a two-metre distance from any passers-by.
• If at any point during your time trial it feels unsafe in the context of proximity to passers-by you should terminate your time trial immediately.
• U13/U15s must be accompanied by a responsible adult
• We reserve the right to cancel the event if the current COVID-19 situation/guidelines changes
• This event will be licensed by UKA and therefore covered by UKA PLI.

Entry details
Entry details for the 1k can be found HERE

Race Guidelines
• Entry is free of charge and will open on the 10th May 2020 and close 19th May or when full.
• Times will be measured via strava/other running app and uploaded to opentrack
• Only one time can be entered – elapsed times (total since watch start) will be recorded
• Non-BMC members/international competitors welcome
• The distance must be no less than 1k (1000m) and attempts completed between 4am Friday 22nd to 3pm Monday 25th May at 3pm. 1 entry per person!
• Each individual runner must upload their Strava/Garmin performance by 12am 25th May on Opentrack
• Runs should be named as "BMC1k". Only U17/U15/U13 may enter. U15/U13 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
• Results will be based on “time elapsed” rather than “moving time”. Routes with significant negative elevation (more than -10m) will not be counted.
• Point to Point is preferable. Laps must not be more than one circuit or lap and will incur a penalty of +5 secs per additional lap. Track runs will not be counted - consider both spirit of the TT and the current lockdown guidelines at all times.

• The BMC reserves the right to cancel the event if lockdown conditions change (T&C see website)
• Enjoy the challenge please contribute to our chosen charity the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund – link in entry page and BMC Social Media.
By entering this time trial, you are confirming you are in a fit and healthy state to complete the distance.
By entering I understand and agree that participate on this time trial voluntarily and at my own risk. The BMC will not be liable for any accidental damage, injury, illness of any nature whosoever caused by participation.

The best of British from the BMC

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